Some good articles collected from Internet on lock free programming and Transactional Memory

IBM’s new transactional memory: make-or-break time for multithreaded revolution

ABA Problem:
Introduction to lock-free/wait-free and the ABA problem
ABA Prevention Using Single-Word Instructions

Intel’s Haswell RTM (Restricted Transactional Memory):
Transactional memory going mainstream with Intel Haswell
Hardware Lock Elision on Haswell
Restricted Transactional Memory on Haswell
Lock-free Data Structures. Basics: Atomicity and Atomic Primitives
Lock-free Data Structures. 1 — Introduction

Understanding Atomic Operations
Understanding Memory Ordering

LL/SC Details from Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach

Jeff Preshing’s blogs:
An Introduction to Lock-Free Programming
An Introduction to Lock-Free Programming | Hacker News Discussion on above article
Acquire and Release Semantics
Memory Barriers Are Like Source Control Operations
Weak vs. Strong Memory Models
Memory Ordering at Compile Time