Nobin Mathew

A crazy guy, still trying to connect dots…..

Who Am I

12+ years in industry, worked on varied systems, from RS485 protocols to distributed systems, from embedded boards to chassis systems, built products for Industrial Automation to Cloud/Telecom.


2003-16 Street & Books & Internet

1999-03 University of Calicut
Electrical and Communication Engineering,……still trying to figure out…………

Technical skills

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LinkedIn Group

I am maintaining a LinkedIn group Distributed Systems and Algorithms for Newbies. If you are interested to share, learn, or connect with people interested in Distributed Systems, please join the group. Welcome to no-rules group…….


My blog is here. I am interested in programming, machines, natural medicine, brain science etc……….currently it is just tech


No one bothered


Two patents on way…

Companies who were kind to pay my bills


If you are considering me for job, it is here.

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This CV page is done using Jekyll and Markdown, blindly copied from Ben Moore, if you are interested in creating similar page see Ben’s blog